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4 keys to success without stress

On this site you will learn how to:

  • Unlock your mind to create success
  • Build great personal relationships at work and socially
  • Learn how to calm your mind to rejuvenate yourself
  • .....And do all of this with enjoyment instead of stress....

If you are ready to start then you need to listen to this quick 2 minute video.


What you get

  • Over 40 lessons covering techniques from dealing with stress to engaging with customers and breaking old habits.
  • Online delivery 24 hours a day
  • Free personal coaching session


I have been able to use the different techniques time and again
at both work and in my personal life. I recommend the course
to anyone who wants to know a better way of living
Thanks Peter.

John - Adelaide

Topics include:

Key 1 – External communication
• Rapport – how to make a person feel more comfortable
• Making a conversation more engaging
• Using body language to enhance your conversation
• Anchoring – pressing peoples buttons
• Directing a conversation and getting agreement
• Pace and Lead – being more persuasive without the battle of wills
• Reframing – getting people to look from a different point of view
• Summary
Lessons for Business
• Leadership
• Sales – The 5-step sales process
• Being an expert in your field
Advanced NLP techniques
• Sensory acuity
• Building rapport
• Indicators of rapport
• Modalities
• Eye patterns
• Language patterns

Key 2 – Internal communication
• About stress
• Goals without stress
• Changing your internal state
• Breaking a habit
• Values and beliefs – the basis of everything we do
• Values elicitation
• Motivation strategies
Lesson of learning and education
• General learning strategies
• Spelling strategy
• Maths strategy

Key 3 – Mental calm
• What is mental calm
• Dealing with worry and discursive thought
• Awareness vs conceptualisation
• Planning vs execution
Meditation lessons
• Advice for beginners
• Body posture
• Breath meditation – qualified rounds of breath
• Dealing with pain
• Breath meditation – super-qualified rounds of breath

Key 4 – Mental Agility
• Benefits of seeing perception as projection
• Understanding perception as projection
• How to use perception as projection
• How to destroy conceptualisation
• Going too far
• The Ultimate success

Each area will strengthen your skills in dealing with people and situations in a way that leaves you stress-free and working at your peak performance.

Learning is easy and you can start to employ the techniques straight away. The course is so effective that it is guaranteed. If you don't gain any benefit then write me an email and you will get your money back.

How is this course different from other personal development courses?

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