Meditation vs NLP

cogs of mindBoth can have a transformative effect on the mind. So how are the different from each other?

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Bali Testimonials 2017

meditation pagodaHear in the words of our particiapnts why the Bali Inner Growth Retreat is so Powerful

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Two Wolves At War

Wolfs at war sqThe wisdome in this old tale from the North American Indians will have you thinking about every action you do. Tell it to your kids and everyone who will listen, 

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Success vs Happiness

successhappinessWhat is the realtionship between these two and which way round should you have them. Just pause and have a think about it.

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Peak Mind

cogs of mindPeak Mind - What is your definitioin?

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How to make your wishes come true with lucid dreaming

lucid dream flyingIt is acually true that you can use meditation and the mind to make your wishs come true. Here's how:

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The Stress Paradox

carry rockStress is a paradox. It is a natural part of achieving goals - but none of us want it. So what can we do?

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What is Karma?


A way I like to think of karma that is perhaps different than you have heard elsewhere.

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A Useful Model of the Mind

Brain Training v smallA way of understanind how the mind works that is very useful for meditation.

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"I can't" - means "I won't"

street signWhen we say "I can't" - it really means "I won't".

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