A Useful Model of the Mind

Brain Training v smallA way of understanind how the mind works that is very useful for meditation.

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"I can't" - means "I won't"

street signWhen we say "I can't" - it really means "I won't".

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The Grey Zone

tree TempleThe grey zone is that part in our life where we procrastinatie the most

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Returning to the breath

meditation drawing smallMeditation tip #1 - Rejoice moving back to the breath. This solution to a common mistake that most beginners make will help you progress your practice much faster.

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The NLP Journey

coachingAn explination of how people develop as they go through the NLP journey

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Do we suffer all the time?

tree Temple

According to Buddhists we are all suffering all the time! It's a bit pesimistic isn't it.

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Impermanence - (the quintessential meditation)

Tree and sky 500The Meditation on impermanence is one of the most powerful and useful meditations on the planet. Full stop!

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Why do a retreat?

Buddha anjali mudraA retreat is a chance to make a complete break from the freight train or our normal lives

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Meditation with kids

meditation with kidsMeditating with kids at home is not easy.

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Story about learning to let go

Yogi in the Himalayas smlDo you find it hard to stay motivated at meditation? This captivating liffle story illistrates the need to let go.

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Motivation - The Tibetan Way

MonksittingA monk deciding to meditate on his own for years at a time needs a lot of motivation. Have you ever wondered how they do it?

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