About Us

Skillful MIND's vision is to offer people the space and support to cultivate their own inner peace and re-connection with self.

We believe that the more connected and peaceful people are, the more motivated, passionate, resilient and caring they are. And this in turn makes them more likely to benefit loved ones, their community, and society.

Our business is sharing techniques and strategies with people so they feel inspired to seek out their purpose and passions, and live a life they love.

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Peter is a life coach, meditation teacher and NLP trainer.

"I am one of the lucky few who has found their passion in life. For me, teaching (and learning from) people who want to find out how to best utilise the mind is what life is all about. And I get to do that every day and meet amazing people along the way."

Peter Radcliffe is a highly experienced and well regarded meditation teacher and NLP trainer. He teaches students though the lens of a calm mind to help bring peace, happiness and joy to their lives. Peter's unique background as a Buddhist monk empowers his retreats to be so much more than an ordinary getaway, it becomes a journey in itself. 

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Mardi Rogers


Mardi is Skillful MIND's Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Meditation Leader, Events Manager & Refresh Leaders program Co-ordinator

After attending a Yoga retreat with Skillful MIND in 2014 (and loving it!) Mardi's been working with Skillful MIND towards creating the best experience for retreat attendees. From her own love of yoga and meditation she became one of the first Refresh Meditation Leaders, and now manages the Leaders program. She's also a Kundalini Yoga Instructor and loves sharing the benefits of meditation and yoga in her weekly classes - and on retreat.

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