Demons and Dragons

dragonThis has to be one of my all time favorite stories. 

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The Baby Mice Story

cat and mouseA great story about the power of language

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The Power of Stories

storytellerLearn how to create a metaphor that can strongly influence those that you want to teach.

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Set a goal in your future

rainbow pathGet your Unconscious to make sure your goal comes true

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Effective Goal Setting

goalThere is a science behind goals that work and those that don't.

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4 Ways To Motivation

Make HappenIf procrastination slows you down in life, then the answer is some good old motivation.

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Create Your Magic Circle

magic circleYour emotional state has EVERYTHING to do with how you act in any given moment.

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Meditation vs NLP

cogs of mindBoth can have a transformative effect on the mind. So how are the different from each other?

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Bali Testimonials 2017

meditation pagodaHear in the words of our particiapnts why the Bali Inner Growth Retreat is so Powerful

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Two Wolves At War

Wolfs at war sqThis old tale from North America is both simple and powerful.

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Success vs Happiness

successhappinessWhat is the realtionship between these two and which way round should you have them. Just pause and have a think about it.

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