Put a goal in your future


rainbow pathHow would you like a way to get your unconsious mind to work toward your goals without any effort on your part?

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Benefits of yoga

yoga-warrior-400The health benefits of yoga have been studied and researched for year now - but overall the benifits go much deeper than this.

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20 benefits of practicing meditation


meditation sandResearch into meditation is gaining pace and there is already a substantial weight of evidence to show how beneficial meditation is good for you. Here are 20 such reasons why you should consider incorporating meditation into your life.

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Empowerment through coaching

Life Coach-300x299There is one thing that is common to all great people. They stand on the shoulders of other great people that came before them.

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Body and mind are one

man floatingWe all know of the intimate relationship between our mind and body and yet our behaviour sometimes does not reflect this. We eat unhealthy food to please the mind or spend time consumed by negative thoughts, not realising the chemical cocktail that it releases to our body.

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NLP vs Buddism

birdcageThis week, I am taking up the interesting challenge of comparing NLP to the other philosophy that I like so much – Buddhism.

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NLP explained

girl in cropMany people have asked me what Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is all about, so this newsletter is for them.

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The Convergence

convergenceThe modern world is moving fast and new inventions and theories arise every day as knowledge grows and converges.

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3 ways to reboot your mind

monkey mindToo much thinking can be the very obstacle that stops you from getting what you want. It causes stress, blocks creativity and constricts the mind. So whether you need to calm down for public speaking, allow yourself to be more creative, or just stop your mind whirring so you can get some sleep - it is good to know how to flick the "off" switch, 

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Dealing with pain

BluebellsWould it shock you if I said that pain was mostly in the mind? If you disagree, then think about these two very interesting facts.

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A second chance for dealing with stress


There are many different ways to deal with stress - some of which work better than others


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