Join Mardi for a 40 Day Meditation Challenge Over The Holidays :)

From Mardi....

As my Yoga & Meditation classes run during SA school terms over Christmas and New Years there's an extended break - which makes it super easy to let our meditation practise lapse - which is often the time we need it most! For motivation I've invited all my class attendees to join me for a 40 Sadhana practice, and you're invited too :) And don't worry if you can't commit to 40 days - you can always make it 7, or 10, or how about 2 weeks - or 21 days?

So if you'd like to cultivate some happiness and peace over your holiday season, check out the videos below and join me like a smiling Buddha every day :)

To share your experience, stay motivated and keep updated you can visit the Skillful MIND Community facebook group here.


For information and insturctions about this meditation watch these short videos.

You can also print this Smiling Buddha Kriya from Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings here


1. Introduction about the meditation, and the elements involved 


2. About tuning in - to anchor yourself into the practice 


3. Tune in with Mardi 


4. 3 Minute Meditation (once you're familiar with the meditation you can just play this on it's own) 


5. Final words and recommendations


You can also print this Smiling Buddha Kriya from Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings here

I hope you enjoy this practise. Start with 3 minutes and build your time to 11 mins max. And I'd love to hear about your experiences on the facebook group 


May the longtime sun shine upon you

All love surround you

And the pure light within you

Shine your way on


Sat Nam!