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"What is the difference and which is more useful for me?"

This is a question I get asked a lot and so it is a great topic for a newsletter and blog. I think you will find this interesting so read on...

Meditation - What is it?

Meditation is an ancient technique that develops the skills of mindfulness and awareness so that a person has greater concentration and insight into how their mind works.



It is like excercising the muscles of your mind so that you are better at whatever you turn your attention to.

We develop the power to control the direction of the mind so that it focuses on useful productive and happy thoughts rather than “playing the same old movie” of our problems.

A person who meditates gains great benefit to his or her physical, emotional and mental health.

In the long term, meditation is a pathway to spiritual enlightenment.

What it is not

Meditation is not a quick fix. Results come slowly and at time it feels like you are not progressing. Committed meditators will tell you that there are subtle yet deep and profound changes within them as a result of the practice over the longterm.

NLP – what is it?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of modern techniques that build powerful communication skills and personal excellence. The techniques come from modelling how experts create exceptional results and the underlying philosophy is that "if he or she can do it, so can I”


Practically, NLP is used to make quick and powerful changes in emotional states and beliefs that no longer serve a person. These changes lead to more motivation, less stress and anxiety and more clarity around what needs to be done.

NLP can be used to cure phobias, get rid of internal conflicts, create empowering beliefs, overcome bad habits, improve communication skills, understand how others think, read body language and create internal strategies for just about anything else you want to do.

All this in turn results in a much more productive and fulfilling life leading to more wealth, better relationships, less stress and a greater zest for life.

What it is not

NLP is not a spiritual path. Whilst you can learn a lot about yourself using NLP, the techniques are very much aimed at solving problems in the here and now.

NLP does not have implicit ethics. It is a very powerful tool and so the ethics of NLP depend on how it is used. For example it can be used to help people become motivated, release trauma from the past, become a better communicator, change thought patterns that are holdng you back in your meditation - or it could be used for less wholesome things such as pressure selling and other manipulative practices.

In summary

Meditation is the sunshine that helps everything grow, whereas NLP is the laser beam that can cut away or dissolve the parts of life that cause us to be stuck.

The two fields work beautifully in conjunction with each other. NLP provides a powerful tool to shift emotional blocks and create motivation whereas meditation brings a deeper and more spiritual (and therefore ethical) foundation to NLP.