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Name: Terry

Where: Happy Valley, SA


Happy Valley Meditation 

As a qualified hypnotist with an interest in the application of hypnosis and self-hypnosis
specifically in the control of pain, I soon became aware of the similarities between those
modalities and meditation. With the impact that stress has on exacerbating, if not directly
causing, pretty well any illness you can name, plus all of the health benefits that areMe5becoming more widely recognised, I became interested in not only learning more for myself,
but also sharing the amazing benefits that we can all develop with meditation.

The growing body of evidence from the fields of Neuro Science, Quantum Physics and
Epigenetics are almost daily providing more scientific evidence that having a better
understanding of how our mind works. The powerful effects it can manifest on each of us, is extremely beneficial and worth every bit of effort in attaining. Your mind is where
everything else comes from. Your beliefs, your focus, your concentration, your mood – all of

And where your mind leads, your body follows.

At last Western science is catching up to what, in the past, could have been seen by some as
unsubstantiated Eastern Mysticism. I came across a quote recently that I think is very apt for this field of study,

"The grass is not greener on the other side, it is greener where you water it.."


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