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Name: Debi

Where: Perth

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Perth Meditation

Hi, I’m Debi and I’m originally from the UK. I arrived in Perth in 2001, my second international move in the 3 years since getting married in 1998. I was also a new mum and my son had health issues due to food allergies which at that time, were undiagnosed, so by 2003 having had many changes and challenges in such a short number of years, I was diagnosed with post natal depression and so began my journey into holistic healing for myself and my son.

In the years that followed, I delved into the world of natural healing and nutrition, learned the energy healing modalities of Reiki and Pranic healing, took up yoga and participated in numerous workshops and retreats. I joined a local meditation centre and throughout the years have explored many different mediation practices from many cultures and traditions and have come to understand that the cultivation of a healing mind and spiritual awareness are central to the longevity of well-being.

Knowing our own mind through the practice of regular meditation is key and I am now at the stage where I would like to help others. I currently work part -time as a real estate photographer however want to bring Mindfulness mediation techniques into the community. Peter’s course is concise, thorough and progressive, taking the student on a gentle step-by-step journey inwards.

I am excited to share the knowledge and benefits mediation has to offer. The useful tools assist in coping with life’s many challenges as well as helping with relaxation, improved focus, concentration and self love.

I look forwards to guiding you on your journey inwards.

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