Meditation Leader

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Name: Jackeline

Where: 15 Dunrossil Ave, Watanobbi, NSW

When: Tuesdays 10am and 6.30pm - 5 week blocks resuming from 2nd week in February 2018

Contact: or 0416 231 515

Cost: $15 drop in or $60 5 week block

All classes are combined with crystalline singing bowls

Watanobbi Meditation


Hi my Name is Jackeline Eyre,

At 14 years my calling was clear, to practice Remedial massage and Reflexology! So at 23 years of age I started my practice. 35 years later I have ran my own successful business of doing just that, yes Blessed!

Forming my own treatments I began to incorporate Sound Healing in 2014, this was quite profound as after 12 months of playing my 12 quartz crystal bowls my thought patterns were subtly changing.I have recently completed my yoga teacher training (2017), and found Skillful MIND!

I love blending the best things in life, so with my yoga and sound healing, Skillful MIND was the next wonderful thing! It has given me the pathway to find that inner spaciousness. It incorporates my passion to help others, it brings a depth of awareness and just helps ourselves and everyone of us individually and collectively. Sharing this gift gives me Gratitude and helps others find their wisdom. I hope to enrich others by being the loving open hearted soul I know myself to be.


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