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Name: Iona

Where: Iona currently runs sessions as a Volunteer for a Care Home in  - but would also like to start a local group.

               Please contact her to express your interest



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I am English, living in the North West Highlands of Scotland with my husband and my dog. I work part-time as an online tutor (subjects: counselling, psychology, coaching) and also spend a lot of time volunteering on projects that are close to my heart (eg. fundraising for wildlife, editing booklets on aspects of cancer treatment, and facilitating teleconferences for blind people and leading groups at the local care home).

I enjoy walking in the natural landscape of where I live, and have a great love of animals and birds. I am a vegan. However, I tend not to share this with people around here; this area is one where many people shoot animals and fish for a living. It is a traditional and rather remote area with a sparse population.

I have a background of working for over 20 years in the national health service, having worked with people with progressive neurological diseases and cancer. I consider myself very fortunate to have very good health myself. I have been meditating daily for over seven years. I have completed various courses in meditation and meditation guiding/leading. I have also completed courses in guided imagery, which I have found to be very interesting. I currently lead a meditation group of elderly ladies at the care home where I volunteer. (Unfortunately, the men have not shown an interest.) I find a great deal of satisfaction from this, and would very much like to extend this to other groups locally


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