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Name: Phil

Where: Bo'Ness, Scotland UK

When: Contact for more details

Contact: Ph:+44 77888 74046

Where: The combat zone 

C/O Bo'ness Recreation Centre
Gauze Rd, Bo'ness EH51 9QB


Bo'Ness Meditation 



Living in Scotland, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Phil started his path of meditation after being introduced to it by his martial arts instructor JF Yamaue, who is also a Shaolin priest over 25 years ago.

Training for a little over 40 years in Martial Arts, Phil has coached throughout Europe whilst studying in the main Shaolin Zen meditation, this being single point meditation. Wishing to develop meditation more with his Martial Arts groups, including a focus on children’s education, he realised that single point meditation can be difficult for many people, particularly children, so started to look for other methods.

There are many reason Phil meditates but in the main it is the calmness, relaxation and focus that he finds of great benefit to him and these are just some of the benefits he could bring to others, both children and adults alike.

Over the years, Phil has developed a number of teaching programmes based on educating through Martial Arts, working with children and adults with anxiety, stress bullying ect,

He feels that meditation is an excellent way of bringing these programmes and meditation together in order to increase benefits and support these programmes can offer to both adults and children’s.


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