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Name: Charlotte

Where: London, UK



London Meditation 




I have been meditating for over 15 years. I was introduced to this wonderful practice within a yoga class, my daughter used to join me in both these practice as well she was about 11 years old at the time (never too young to start yoga or meditation!) she actually experienced both this modalities at around the age of four where we used to practice in a park in Camden.

For quite a few years I spent a lot of time visiting various temples and sitting in them for long periods of time. I really enjoyed doing this and went on quite a few silent retreats and would be silent for days at a time.

I had never had any formal meditation teaching so I occasionally felt a little weird on these retreats, in fact I often got very bad migraine headaches too. I found that I got very introspective. I was very involved with my own thoughts going round and round in my head. Although I have no serious regrets about these experiences I realise now that it is in fact more helpful to have some guidance when you start to practice meditation.

I have been very privileged to assist a meditation class with a Tibetan British tradition for over 10 years now where I have been receiving teacher teachings. I found them extremely beneficial as they have been very regular and are taught in the modern way.
I meditate every day, even if it is only for five minutes. I have a shrine that I go to every day. I always go to it before I leave my house to get centred for a few moments so that I may be calm throughout my day and hopefully extend this way of being to others around me (it usually works!)

I am an alternative health practitioner, I do message therapy and help people with their nutritional needs. I am also a trained Beauty therapist.

I have two amazing grown-up daughters and three beautiful grandchildren one is 15 months old and already sits and loves to join in with our regular Om recitals.
I also have a huge brown dog called Buster, I consider him exactly as I would consider a human being. Horses used to be a huge part of my life, I adore them but cannot have one in my flat in London!


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