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Meditation & Kundalini Yoga with Mardi

Name: Mardi 

Where: Woodcroft Library/Community Center Rm 4 (during school terms - recommencing Jan 31st 2018)

When: Yoga for Relaxation Wednesdays 11-12noon

When: Meditation & Mindflulness Wednesdays 1- 2pm 

Contact: Email: or Ph: 0405 060 092

Cost: These are community classes $Contribute what you can afford - or I also appreciate home grown produce or baked goods :)

SA Term Dates 2018:

29 January -13 April

30 April -6 July

23 July -28 September

15 October -14 December

*Also see Moana Meditation & Kundalini Yoga


Classes offer gentle posture, breathing and relaxation practices for attendees of all levels of ability.MardiKundaliniMeditation

A typical class:

• begins with ‘tuning in’ with the Adi Mantra to centre oneself and forget the outside world for a while

• moves into a series of gentle postures and stretches to relax the body, increase flexibility and energy

• improving energy flow with more breathing practices and integrates and harmonises the body, mind and spirit with deep relaxation and meditation.

What To Bring:

• Yoga Mat 

• Water bottle to stay hydrated

• A blanket for relaxation

• A cushion for comfort when sitting/meditation if you wish


A typical class:

• includes discussion on topics which we explore over 5 weeks (welcome to come anytime)

• includes practice of 2 meditations - 'core' practice - which you're encouraged to practise at home, and another meditation to try out difference styles/practices

What To Bring:

• Water to stay hydrated

• Open mind and willingness to learn

Most people choose to sit in provided chairs for class - however yoga mats are available if you'd like to bring your own props and sit on the floor 



About Mardi...

When it comes to working out how the mind ticks Mardi is one of those souls that never stops asking. She’s lead her life searching for the right questions, and the answers that go with them - and enjoys the exploration!

In early 2014 she attended a Yoga Retreat on a whim and began an unintended, but exciting journey towards a new career in the wellness industry. She loved 'escaping' on retreat, and the unique practical spirituality and mind mastery that Peter Radcliffe has to offer. Soon after she joined the Skillful MIND team.

Within 12 months of meeting, and working with, Peter Radcliffe she's become certified in NLP, Time Line Therapytm and Hypnotherapy, and has also trained to become one of the first Skillful MIND Meditation Leaders, and most recently in 2016 she completed her level 1 Kundalini Yoga Instructor training, and now offers weekly Kundalini Yoga classes to share the arts of yoga, meditation and mindfulness in her local community.




"I have been attending the meditation and mindfulness sessions for 4 months and intend to keep attending regularly. These sessions are well attended, reflecting the welcoming and professional approach of the presenter Mardi. She seeks continual feedback to ensure sessions are relevant and meeting needs and expectations of all the group members. Weekly meeting provide regular contact and support. I credit the sessions with giving me skills and awareness to improve how I deal with daily life challenges and stresses in a supportive and pleasant environment". (anonymous)

"Have been attending Mardi’s meditation group January – April 2016. Absolutely life altering, Mardi is a wonderful (meditation) coach, who makes everyone feel welcome. Can’t thank her enough for teaching me mindful meditation". (anonymous)

"I always enjoy meditation with Mardi. She is so informative and introduces us to different meditation styles. I thoroughly enjoy coming every week"

Helen, SA


For more information about what Refresh Meditation Sessions are all about please click here.


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