Communications Skills Course

Learn to communicate with skill and precision.
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Give me just 1 hour of your time and you will learn new
communication skills that will improve your relationships
at work, at home or at play.

You will learn

  • How to create instant rapport with new people
  • How to strike dazzling conversations
  • How to control a conversation
  • How to avoid or deal with an argument
  • How to deal with interruptions
  • How to reach agreement in a controlled way
  • How to negotiate with skill
  • How to end on a positive note


What is the biggest asset of this man?
His amazing ability to communicate.

You can learn the same skills.


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Dear Friend,

If you are like me, you will have come to realise that communication is the most vital skill we can have in our life. At work, networking is the key to new business, existing business and even a friendly workplace. The reason people become leaders in our society is because they have the skills to get others to listen to their message and thus become recognised as an expert in their area. What would it mean in your life if you were able to increase not only the number of friends you have but also enhance the quality of your relationships through greater trust and more respect than ever before.

Head_shot_250My name is Peter Radcliffe and with over 20 years of business experience I have come to realise my ability to communicate is directly related to how much I can succeed in both my business and personal goals. I have spent a lot of that time learning from "the greats" on how to improve my communications skills; and guess what - some of the basics are easy to learn and apply.

So easy in fact, that I am surprised that more people do not take the time to just learn a few techniques not only for their own benefit but for society as a whole. If you become a better communicator, you will have an advantage over everyone else. But if everyone learns to communicate better, this world would be a better place to live in.

Many of these techniques are taught in courses valued in the thousands of dollars - but the beauty of the internet means that I can bring these same skills to you at a mere fraction of the cost. So if you are prepared to act now, you will receive one hour of some of the most powerful tips on becoming a great communicator that are available today.

Are you ready to begin?

If so, then its is yours for a tiny AUD$9.95 (was $95.00)


What is involved

Once you have subscribed for the course you will be given access to a page of audio and video teachings on different skills. Each skill will concentrate on one part of successful communication. This way you can quickly select just those areas which you feel you need most improvement in.
Even if you learn just one of the techniques to a level which changes the way you communicate, $9.95 will be the cheapest investment you can make for the greatest improvement in your life skills. So go ahead and give it a try.
Warm regards,
Peter Radcliffe
Your coach for communication


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